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Smart device overkill

I own a smart TV. Among other things, I can use it to connect to Netflix, with no other device needed. I also have a smart Blu-ray player. It too includes an option to select Netflix, as well as a … Continue reading

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Apple’s hardware announcements: How odd

My reaction to the new hardware announced at today’s Apple media event was hardly a typical one. “How odd” pretty much sums it up. How so? • Apple introduces the iPad Air 2. The first thing Apple wants you to … Continue reading

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The myth that AppleCare+ is worth it

Back in 2006, I advised against getting AppleCare for your Mac, arguing that the odds that it would save you money were too low to make it worth buying. In 2011, I reached the same negative conclusion regarding AppleCare+ for … Continue reading

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This is why iOS 8 is such a big deal

Believe the hype! iOS 8 is the most important, most game-changing update to iOS since…well, since the arrival of the App Store in 2008. I don’t say this because of all new features in iOS 8. There are many new … Continue reading

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